Technical Interview Questions

While whiteboarding interview questions are definitely the most difficult and time-consuming part of the job application process, technical interview questions are just as important.

What Are Technical Interview Questions?

Technical interview questions come up during the initial application process and can sometimes throw even the most experienced developer off guard.

These questions generally deal with the technologies you'll be working with or the position you are applying for. Some of the questions may be on the obscure side, while other questions may be more intuitive.

The questions can be asked in a phone interview, in person, or online. Furthermore, just like whiteboarding questions, you don't have much of a choice about what you are asked.

That said, we have done our research in gathering what are likely the most frequently asked questions for junior developers.

Let's get to the questions!

HTML and CSS Questions

JavaScript Questions

General Computer Science Questions

SQL Questions

Sorting and Searching Computer Science Questions