Whiteboarding in Real Life

If you've followed the guidelines we've set out thus far, you're in good shape for a real-life whiteboarding interview. However, there a couple of additional things to keep in mind:

Dress the Part

Like any interview, don't show up to your whiteboarding interview dressed inappropriately or sloppily. Even though the programming field tends to be more laidback than others when it comes to dress code, you should dress professionally for the interview. Dressing in a way that shows you care about the job can go a long way. Business casual is generally the way to go for most whiteboarding interviews.

Follow Up

When the whiteboarding interview is completed, you will likely be given some feedback from the interviewer on your performance. Thank the interviewer for their time and show your appreciation for any feedback you receive. It's also recommended that you send a follow-up email to reiterate these sentiments.


Practice, practice, practice! Continue practicing using the guide and you'll soon be a pro at whiteboarding.

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